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Will Aftermarket Parts Void My Warranty?

Have you been told that using aftermarket parts would result in your entire vehicle warranty being voided? If so you are not alone. The short answer is No, aftermarket parts will not void your entire vehicle warranty…. You can breathe with some relief now. I hope, realizing that as with most things in life there is…

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SEMA Show 2016 Las Vegas, NV 11/1 – 11/4

We have all heard the infamous tag line… “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”. Well for me what happens in Vegas often starts in California and ends up being readily available information all the way back at the shop thousands of miles away in Revere, MA. For me this annual conference represents an opportunity…

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Independent or Dealer?

Have you recently purchased a new vehicle? Is it time for that first oil change or is that Service reminder light blinking? For so many a new car is the second largest purchase you will ever make outside of a home. Naturally you want to ensure that your newly acquired vehicle is well maintained, as…

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Lucky #7! Thank you

When considering what our initial blog posting should cover. I immediately reflected on how appreciative I am to all of my loyal supporters. When I established the shop back in August of 2009, my vision was to create a business which would fill a need for a trustworthy service provider and add value to the community as a whole. Since…

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