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Independent or Dealer?

Have you recently purchased a new vehicle? Is it time for that first oil change or is that Service reminder light blinking? For so many a new car is the second largest purchase you will ever make outside of a home. Naturally you want to ensure that your newly acquired vehicle is well maintained, as a way to reduce overall issues and downtime. The key to a smooth running vehicle is without a doubt proper maintenance. So who do you turn to?

In a January 22, 2015 article Make Your Car Last. Independent vs. Dealer Shops for Car Repair Consumer Reports noted the following; “For most of us, taking the car to the mechanic ranks right up there with getting root canal surgery. But there’s a way to ease the pain. Our latest survey of repair satisfaction found that when your car is ailing, odds are that you’ll be more satisfied with an independent repair shop than with a franchised new-car dealership.” Food for thought, in our opinion it’s been proven time and time again for our clients.

It’s completely normal to be a bit intimidated by vehicle maintenance. After all what exactly is a Service “XYZ”, you read over the manual or dealer offerings and often times these services appear to be nothing more than in some instances a “glorified” oil change. The key is to see a professional and allow them to help you understand exaclty what these services are and what you should expect to pay. As with any piece of machinery you keeping up with maintenance will ensure your vehicle lasts for many years.

Stop by the Shop today and let us help you decipher what those service reminders really mean! We will take our time and walk you through not only what you need today but also what preventive maintenance will help keep your vehicle going for the future.

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