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Will Aftermarket Parts Void My Warranty?

Have you been told that using aftermarket parts would result in your entire vehicle warranty being voided? If so you are not alone. The short answer is No, aftermarket parts will not void your entire vehicle warranty…. You can breathe with some relief now. I hope, realizing that as with most things in life there is a viable alternative in this case to expensive dealer part options.

Lets start with a few facts to back up the above information. On January 4th, 1975 our 93rd United States Congress enacted what is known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Often referred to as the Consumer Product Warranty and Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act. In summary this law was the result of consumers needing protection from merchants when it came to warranties. Before this became an enforcable law there were many instances of deceptive practices with regard to warranties.

So you are asking, what is the process if there is a parts issue which I believe should be repaired under my particular warranty? In short the dealer must essentially prove that the specific aftermarket part was the reason for the failure being addressed. Typically if the reason is unclear the dealer will charge you a diagnostic fee. If it is found that the aftermarket part did in fact cause the actual failure you will be responsible for all repair costs out of pocket. If on the other hand the aftermarket part(s) were not the cause of the failure your part must be repaired and the diagnostic fee is to be fully refunded to you.

Here are a few useful tips on how to avoid warranty issues taken from one of my favorite sites

  • Read your warranty’s fine print, often bundled with your owner’s manual. Find the section that says “What is Not Covered.”
  • Service your car at regular intervals: This is a good idea in general, but for the sake of keeping your warranty intact follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. If you misplaced your owner’s manual, you can often find it online.
  • Keep all service records and receipts: This is another good habit to keep in case you want to sell your vehicle, but also to have as proof that you maintained your vehicle.

I hope the above helps you to gain some clarity around this hot topic. As always should you have any questions or concerns send me an email, call me or come on by. Vehicle maintenance can be intimidating and am here to help make the process easier for you.

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